So you have nailed attracting visitors to your site, yet your sales are not where you thought they would be. If you have an online store, it’s never enough to just have visitors on your site, you would also wish to turn them into active shoppers. But how do you do that? Conversion rate optimization is a systematic and structured way of refining the performance of your site. The percentage of people who perform whatever action you wanted to be done is known as the conversion rate and the process of improving this rate is called conversion optimization. Improving your conversion rate is significant because it’s the basic reason to increasing sales. It’s also a cost effective method of getting more customers and it also increases your ROI. The 5 tips to improve your conversion rate include:

#1: Creating Urgency
Why should the visitor purchase your product now? Customers can be encouraged to complete a purchase through perception of rarity. For example, having promotional discounts and free gifts with purchases from your site. When your create urgency in the minds of the customers, their emotional reactions will override their sensible buying behavior.

#2: Be Clear On Your Value Proposition
Your value proposition gives a summary of all the benefits and costs of buying your product. If the consumer realizes that the benefits outweigh the costs then they will get motivated to become a customer. To improve your conversion rate, you should emphasize the most magnificent parts of your value proposition. Convince the visitors why you are better than your competitors.

#3: Have A Clear Conversion Funnel
This is the pathway that a visitor takes to complete conversion. A typical one involves the following: Visiting the site, viewing a listing, checking a product, adding product to the basket, beginning checkout and finally finishing checkout. In order to increase the number of visitors who go through the funnel, make the selling process easy.

#4: Use Effective And Relevant Visuals
A picture is worth a thousand words, thus relevant visuals can be effective in passing a message regarding value proposition as it explains why customers need to buy your products. For example, several furniture shoppers would want to see what they are buying so that they can envision on how it will look like in their homes. Visuals greatly inform the customer the details about the products including the color. Photographs also create a perception of ownership.

#5: Optimize Your Landing Page
A landing page is any web page that a visitor finds after clicking a hyperlink. It’s often the page that visitors develop their first impressions on, hence it’s significant to optimize it. This is the page where relevant visuals and value proposition should be there.


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