There are hundreds of ways by which you can bring in more traffic into your blog. However, to draw in huge amounts of traffic, you have to come up with long-term strategies that will not only bring but also ensure that your traffic is consistent. The top three ways by which you can make this happen is through:

Social Networking:
Social networking basically includes the integration of both the social media as well as the social bookmarking sites. To effectively benefit from the social media, it's wise to have accounts dedicated to your blog within the top social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The reason why this is so important is that, you can easily share your blog posts on these accounts and if your followers like the content, they too will end up sharing and recommending them to their friends and followers. The same applies to the social bookmarking sites. The top ones include Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

In addition to this, you could take part in discussion forums, respond to all of your readers' comments, and also include a URL link on your email signature.

High Quality Content:
Content is everything. The main reason why people visit your blog is to read the content. How then can you make it captivating enough such that they keep on reading and coming back for more? To start with, you ought to come up with catchy headlines followed by quality content, and content that correlates with the heading. Also, make sure that the content is easy to read, up to date and is posted regularly. Although SEO optimization is good, if the content is great, then there's no use focusing on keywords and key-phrases. And, if including pictures, name them accordingly so that, when one is searching for images, yours can appear on top. Lastly, every once in a while, create controversial content that's likely to draw in a lot of debate.

Offline Promotions:
The last strategy that is guaranteed to drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog would be through offline advertising. Basically, this would involve including a URL link on your business cards, telling your friends, family and colleagues about it, taking part in blogging conferences and other special and networking events. Despite being a little old-fashioned, buzz, or rather, word of mouth, still has a lot of influence.

Executing these three simple strategies will therefore see you having not just a huge amount of traffic, but a lot of prominence and authority on the blogosphere.


Mahmut Pirhan & Aykut Zaim

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