In the world of blogging, questions such as “how to write profitable content” are asked quite often. People start blogs for various reasons. These include: offering knowledge, passion, and making money. The truth still remains that money is the most popular reason of all. The following are some ways in which you can make your blog generate an income:

1. Blog About Something You Love
Many people will start a blog because of the desire to make money. In fact, some will put anything on the blog in anticipation of attracting large traffic. Sadly, the results are never impressive. The secret to running a winning blog is writing about something you are passionate about. It may be cooking, knitting, handyman tips, and more. Focusing on your passion or talent makes you connect better with the target market.

2. Be an Authority
It is true that improved technology and availability of many blogging resources has made it much easier to run a blog. Nonetheless, the strategy has also changed. Focus is no longer on putting any content out there, but writing something that adds value to the reader. Actually, search engines have also been tweaked to identify content that is helpful to human readers. Being an authority is your best shot in attracting a large following.

3. Identify a Niche Market
The first step that is taken by people looking to make money through blogging is undertaking research on keywords. They will use tools such as Google Ad words to know which keywords to target. Well, this is an important step. However, your first step should probably be identifying a specific niche. This allows you to focus on the subject that you are most skilled in. You will find it much easier to answer queries as well as giving correct information.

4. Find Reliable Affiliation
A large percentage of bloggers make their income from affiliation. The affiliates are attracted by the large traffic originating from the blog. A blog owner should not rush into any affiliation. He should first ascertain whether it will bring positive impact to his blog besides the money. Affiliating with a firm that has negative public image may lower the integrity of your blog or website.

It is always a good feeling knowing you are adding value to somebody’s life. May be it is through your helpful tips, providing unique knowledge or simply adding laughter into their life. However, nothing beats the joy of doing the above and still making money.

Mahmut Pirhan & Aykut Zaim

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